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Driving & Boating Under the Influence

Narcotics/Drug Crimes

Crimes of Violence

Firearms & Weapons Crimes

Financial/Economic Crimes

Sex Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

Speed Boats

Driving & Boating Under the Influence

These cases are unique because they involve the use of either alcohol or a controlled substance as an element of the charge. Serious bodily injury or death can result from the operation of a vehicle or vessel while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Because each case has its own set of facts and circumstances and are often based solely on the arresting officer’s opinions, each needs to be thoroughly investigated.

These cases can result in mandatory probation, loss of driving privileges, jail, or prison.

Prescription Drugs

Narcotics/Drug Crimes

From trafficking charges (which means a person possesses a certain amount of an illegal narcotic or drug) to possession with intent to sell to simple possession, these offenses can land you in state or federal court. These cases involve confidential informants, wire taps or undercover agents patrolling high narcotic/drug activity areas to obtain search warrants or justify pretextual stops. Knowledge is one of the key factors in these types of cases.

Arrests for narcotic/drug offenses can result in the forfeiture of money, vehicles, houses, and other personal items. It can also result in mandatory prison time and loss of driving privileges.

Crime Scene Investigation

Any crime where a person has been killed, threatened, or injured or a person’s belongings have been stolen or taken against their will is a violent crime. These cases are complex and can involve the use of crime scene investigators, gathering DNA and finger prints, and law enforcement relying on eye witness accounts and eye witness identification.

Allegations of child, elderly or domestic abuse can separate family and loved ones and have a profound impact on a child or elderly adult. These types of cases will, at times, involve investigations by DCF and lead to dependency court proceedings.

Crimes of Violence

Handgun and  Ammunition

Firearms and Weapons Crimes

These crimes are inherently dangerous because they include the use of a firearm or weapon. These types of crimes can be associated with Narcotic/ Drug Crimes, Crimes of Violence and Sex Crimes and focus on how and why the firearm or weapon was possessed and/or used in the crime.

Although arrests for firearm offenses can trigger “10/20/Life” penalties or, depending on the persons legal status, other mandatory prison sentences, “stand your ground” and “self-defense” defenses are viable defenses to possessing a firearm.

Financial/Economic Crimes

Also known as “white collar” crimes, encompass embezzlement, kick-backs, fraud, pawnshops, money-laundering, or anyway money is illegally obtained. Investigators look for “schemes” and follow money trails to determine how monies were acquired and who was involved. Often, these types of cases take time to investigate and penalties are based on the amount of money lost or intricacy of the scheme.

Online Socializing

Sex Crimes

Crimes of this type are not limited sexual battery/sexual assault (rape). They include child pornography, lewd and lascivious behavior, and any crime that produces a sexual stimulation. Similar to crimes of violence, which some of these crimes are considered, investigators rely on DNA and victim/eyewitness information. However, these cases are also investigated through social media, chat rooms, internet searches and downloads.

Leaving School

Juvenile Crimes

Just because someone is under the age of 18, does not make them immune from being arrested for a crime. Anyone under the age of 18 years old can be charged as either a juvenile or, depending on the crime, as an adult. Children are arrested for a variety of crimes and because the goal of delinquency (juvenile criminal) court is rehabilitation, not punishment, the juvenile court system, operates in a distinct and different way from its counterpart. Efforts are made to mold juvenile offenders into productive adults.

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Your Choice of Representation

There are several reasons why choosing Flynn Bertisch as your attorney is your best option.

Highly Experienced

When your freedom is at stake, you want an attorney who is highly experienced and will fight for your rights. Flynn has defended hundreds of clients and has the expertise needed to resolve your case either by plea or by trial.

Individualized Care & Attention

Having a criminal defense attorney who gives you personalized care, attention and communication through each phase of the judicial process is one of the founding principles of our service.

Thorough Investigation

When we take a case, we work to build the best defense strategy for you. We make sure that all possible variables are identified and ask all questions relevant to your case.


We know that your livelihood depends on the outcome of your case, and we will always be forthright and truthful about the status and options of your situation.


When your liberty is at stake, you need a lawyer that you unequivocally trust to defend you. Hundreds of clients have depended on Flynn’s expertise and wholehearted approach to providing the best possible defense for his clients.


As your criminal defense attorney, Flynn protects your rights with passion and commitment as your advocate throughout the entire judicial process.

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